Upcoming Course: TPN 3

TPN 3 March 2020

Trainer: Patricia Brady
Language: English (this course will also be delivered in French on the same dates, click here for more details)
Pre-requisites: TPN 1 – Becoming A Third-Party Neutral

Cost: $1550 + tax
Location: Saint Paul University, Ottawa Ontario

Time: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday)

Full-time students receive 65% off ($542.50 + tax)
Part-time students receive 50% off ($775 + tax)
Full-time students at Saint Paul University receive 75% off ($387.50 + tax)
Not-for-profits receive 30% off ($1085 + tax)

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Workshop Overview
Building on the mediation introduction in TPN-1, the mediation process is explored at a greater level of detail, through key mediator skills such as conflict analysis, facilitating dialogue, reframing and questioning, maintaining fairness and equity, managing emotions, and stimulating creativity. Participants build skills through a series of role plays, while addressing themes such as power imbalance and cultural differences. Practice is enriched by segments on collaboration and negotiation, conflict resolution approaches, process selection, and understanding motivation. Sample mediation agreements, ethical standards, and affiliations for mediators are also presented

Develop your skills as a mediator and explore the techniques and tools of the mediation process. Join the roster of TPN graduates! To find out more about the TPN certificate program, click here. 

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