Upcoming Workshop: TPN 4

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Upcoming Workshops:
May 3 to 13, 2021 Register Now
November 22 to December 2, 2021 Register Now

Full-time students receive 65% off ($542.50 + tax)
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Workshop Overview
This workshop builds on the learnings from the previous 3 TPN workshops, participants will explore:
     ‣     multi-party conflicts

     ‣     conflict styles and how they impact conflict
     ‣     human-identity needs
     ‣     negotiations
     ‣     process design for interventions

In this workshop, participants will review the 10 key principles of an effective TPN. Participants will also practice the processes and techniques acquired in the first 3 workshops and gain feedback from trainers and peers. The co-mediation model will be practiced during interactive roleplays and outside experts are drawn in to share their field experiences working as a Third-Party Neutral. To find out more about the four workshops of the Third-Party Neutral program, click here.

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